Solar Power

Raheja Infra, a division of Raheja Developers, has ventured into solar power production to push the boundaries with its 4, 5-megawatt and 3, 20-megawatt projects. The projects aim to harness the sun power and convert it into electricity in the environment-friendly way.

The 5-megawatt projects are photovoltaic systems to convert sun’s energy into power. A photovoltaic system is an arrangement of several components, including but not limited to:

  • Solar panels – comprise of solar cells that absorb and covert sunlight into electricity.
  • Solar inverter – used to change electric current from DC to AC.
  • Mounting cabling – are used to fix solar panels on roofs, ground or any building facade.

Photovoltaic systems operate noiselessly, without any moving parts or environmental emissions. The technology has evolved from nascent to a highly powerful technology used for mainstream electricity generation. A photovoltaic system produces clean, renewable energy, and has around 30 years of service life.

20-megawatt projects include parabolic trough, and solar power tower. Parabolic trough is a kind of solar energy collector that is straight at one side and curved like a parabola in other two dimensions, with a polished metal mirror. The trough is aligned to north-south axis, rotated to track the sunlight; alternatively, it can also be aligned to east-west axis. It offers good efficiency.

Solar power tower is a kind of solar furnace with a tower to receive sunlight using a range of flat, movable mirrors, known as heliostats to focus the rays upon a collector. This concentrated energy produces renewable, clean energy.

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