NRI Lease

Along with offering reliable and economic services to the citizens of India, Raheja Infra also cares about NRIs. The company enjoys an association with more than a thousand NRIs who have invested in some of the highly renowned projects, executed by Raheja Developers.

NRIs who invest their hard-earned money in several real-estate projects, do not usually have resources to verify things personally. Raheja Infra provides them with some really easy facility and mechanism by which they can access the status of their project. Absolute transparency is maintained to provide accurate and honest information about everything related to the project – including demand letters, agreements or construction updates.

NRI clients can expect prompt and honest response and thus can rest assured that their money is in the right hand. The company strives to maintain a cordial relation with the clients who are sitting miles away.

Easy application for NRIs

In order to keep things simple for NRI clients, the company provides an online platform to their clients. Application forms in the PDF format for each project are uploaded to ensure an easy access for the NRI clients. The forms carry general questions, which are easy to understand. Along with the form, clients need to provide a photograph, address proof, copy of passport and PAN card.

If the applicant’s income is not taxable in India, a plain declaration through an email has to be sent to the marketing representative, with whom the client deals. After completion of the form and necessary formalities, forms could be sent online and booking amount can be paid in the company’s amount. After successful receipt of the amount, application for booking the property is processed.

Once the booking is made, everything regarding the project – signing of agreements, demand letters, construction updates and receipts, etc. – is sent through regular emails.