HYDRO POWER - Girjan Ki Gali

Raheja Infra, a subsidiary of Raheja Developers Limited, has initiated a very ambitious Hydro Power Project in the Poonch District of Jammu & Kashmir. The project has been proposed by the Jammu & Kashmir State Power Development Corporation to harness the available renewable energy resources that J&K has in abundance.

Girjan ki Gali Hydro Power Project spans on the Parnai Nallah, a tributary of River Suran, which is believed to have a high potential for developing hydro power. Overall cost of the project has been estimated to be around 96cr.

A team of researchers worked incessantly on the proposed site to study the optimum power potential. Studies led to a wonderful conclusion that the site is techno – economically feasible to generate 12 MW of hydro-electric power.

The project has been launched considering the potential that Jammu & Kashmir has for hydro power development. The mountainous location of the state and many perennial streams & rivers ensure a vast potential for hydro-power generation. Being one of the developing industrial states in the country, the project is believed to open doors of opportunities for the inhabitants. Inadequate power supply is one of the inhabiting factors for the industrial development of the state, but the development of this project will harness the vast power potential, giving a tremendous scope for low-cost electricity generation. Also, it will aid in the rapid industrial development of the region alongside improving the socio economic condition of the inhabitants. The project will also provide immense employment opportunities to the skilled and unskilled workers alike.

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