Environment Policy

Basic Philosophy

One of the priorities of Raheja Infra is to foster coexistence and co-prosperity in all regions where its business operates. This policy is based on the corporate philosophy of Raheja Infra, "Trustworthiness and Creativity." In all our business activities we are committed to combating environmental pollution, making effective use of resources, and contributing to building a recycling-based society, thereby protecting and improving the global environment and passing it on to future generations for the sustainable development of society.

Basic Approach

As a responsible group, Raheja Infra is committed to protecting the global environment and to monitoring its impact on the natural environment, including issues related to climate change and biodiversity. Our commitment is based on the recognition that if businesses are to continue to develop, it is essential to solve environmental problems, because in the end this will contribute to the survival of humankind. We will win the trust and support of society by providing high-quality infrastructure that are both people-and earth friendly, and we will introduce activities across Raheja Infra and at our business partners to achieve this.

Action Guidelines

  • We will make every effort to promote reductions of CO2 and waste emissions, reuse and recycling, while encouraging energy and resource conservation, waste reduction and conscientious waste processing with the goal of creating an environmentally-conscious recycling society.
  • We will perform environmental and safety reviews, including those to conserve biodiversity, at every stage of planning, development and design, in order to provide infrastructure that fully comply with environmental protection aims.
  • At every stage of production, distribution, use and disposal, we will actively introduce materials and equipment that are effective in protecting the environment, including conservation of biodiversity, strive to develop and improve technologies in this area, and work to minimize environmental burdens.
  • We will meet targets for reduction of our environmental burdens and use of harmful substances, and continue to improve our environmental management system through environmental audits and other means.
  • We will develop and follow a rigorous code of standards, in addition to observing all environmental conservation treaties, national and regional laws and regulations.
  • We will conduct ongoing education programs to further employee knowledge of environmental issues and promote employee involvement in environmental activities.
  • We will provide business partners with guidance and information to promote optimal environmental protection activities.

In cooperation with our stakeholders, we will participate actively in the environmental protection programs of society at large, and actively disclose information.